The SydneyCity Guide

Our guide to the Sydney bars to visit, the bartenders to see, and all the good things to drink.


Everything We Know… about Hickson House Distilling Co

Hickson House Distilling Co is set to open in the middle of 2021 — we asked co-owner Mike Enright to tell us all about it. Here's everything we know.

The Baxter Inn’s Tom Price: ‘Having a collection is great; drinking your collection is more important.’

The Baxter Inn's Tom Price talks whisky collecting, rare bottles that speak of a time and a place, and why you should "disregard the bullshit."

“Isn’t that what cocktails should be about?” Door Knock‘s Natalie Ng on their new list

Natalie Ng is co-owner and bartender at Sydney bar Door Knock, and here she talks about why their latest cocktail list is their best yet.

These three Australian bars made the World’s 50 Best Bars List

The World’s 50 Best Bars 2020 was announced overnight in London, and three Australian bars — all from Sydney — have made the cut.

PS40’s Michael Chiem: ‘I wanted to throw a party and have a bit of fun.’

PS40 owner Michael Chiem talks about how they've overcome the challenges of the pandemic, and the bartender who stole his regulars.

Last Call: a photographic look at how bartenders felt going into the March shutdown

On the weekend before bars across Australia went into the March coronavirus shutdown, Olivia Rockwell and photographer Ulrich Lenffer spoke to Sydney bartenders to document this unique moment in time.

‘Obviously I love what I do.’ Pete Ehemann on The Cumberland and micro Aussie whisky

'You’ve changed the course of someone’s life. And I get kicks out of that.' Pete Ehemann is co-owner of The Cumberland and here he talks about why he does what he does, Australian whisky, and cocktails by the beach.

A Good Thing: the Whiskey Apple at Shady Pines Saloon

Sydney's Shady Pines Saloon opened in 2010, and it's them you can thank for this delicious way of drinking whiskey: the Whiskey Apple.

Meet Double Deuce Lounge’s OIiver Churcher

Oliver Churcher tells Sam Bygrave about Double Deuce Lounge, why he does what he does, and who he thinks is Sydney's best bartender.

Decoder: James Irvine and how he developed the Oki Doki Hinoki

In the Decoder, we take one great drink and ask its creator to break it down for us. First up is James Irvine, from the Four Pillars Lab in Sydney.

Jason Crawley talks about the labour of love that is Fortunate Son

Jason Crawley talks about how Fortunate Son came to life, the inspiration behind the place, and what he looks for in a good bar.

Q&A with Jangling Jack’s Rachael Merritt

What makes Jangling Jack's essential is the people who work there, and they're led by venue manager Rachael Merritt, one of Sydney's best.