The Sydneycity guide.

It has been said before that it takes a certain energy to live in Sydney. There’s much to contend with as a Sydneysider: terrible traffic, a frustrating public transport system, and one of the highest costs of living in the world. It’s not all sunshine, harbour views and beaches — it’s chaotic, loud and busy. But the drinking in this town has never been better.

Bartenders To See

“Isn’t that what cocktails should be about?” Door Knock‘s Natalie Ng on their new list

Natalie Ng is co-owner and bartender at Sydney bar Door Knock, and here she talks about why their latest cocktail list is their best yet.

Meet Double Deuce Lounge’s OIiver Churcher

Oliver Churcher tells Sam Bygrave about Double Deuce Lounge, why he does what he does, and who he thinks is Sydney's best bartender.

Jason Crawley talks about the labour of love that is Fortunate Son

Jason Crawley talks about how Fortunate Son came to life, the inspiration behind the place, and what he looks for in a good bar.

Q&A with Jangling Jack’s Rachael Merritt

What makes Jangling Jack's essential is the people who work there, and they're led by venue manager Rachael Merritt, one of Sydney's best.

On Foot

Seven great bars within one Sydney street block — the Clarence Street bar shuffle

Within the space of one Sydney city block, you'll find seven of Australia's top bars — everything from whisky to mezcal, to gin, rum and rooftops is on offer.