This no shake Espresso Martini? It takes a little French press

You may think you’ve seen every iteration of the Espresso Martini going around. After all, it’s a popular drink, what with its caffeinated pick-me-up qualities carried through on a spine of get-your-buzz-on booze.

We’ve also written about the drink before, and indulged in one on more than a few occasions. But we’ve never seen the drink served the way they do it at Sydney restaurant and bar, The Gidley.

Because The Gidley doesn’t have a bar per se — it’s more like a kitchen without the oven and stovetop — they have had to engineer a different way of making drinks. So it’s less about the tins on top of the bar, shaking and stirring drinks approach; much of the work for them is done before service, when they batch and chill their cocktails for easy service during shift.

And that’s what has inspired this no shake take on the Espresso Martini.

Their Caffe Express still features the rich, frothy head of a good Espresso Martini recipe, but it’s made with the use of a plunger or French press coffee maker. The ingredients — including the water for dilution that would otherwise come with shaking over ice — are batched together, then chilled, before being added to the French press and aerated with the plunger.

It makes a delicious drink.

Caffe Express

Caffe Express

The Espresso Martini, served French Press style.


  • 35ml Ketel One
  • 15ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
  • 15ml Mr Black Coffee Amaro
  • 10ml agave syrup
  • 25ml St. Ali cold brew concentrate
  • 20ml water


  1. Batch ingredients and chill.
  2. To serve, pour into a French coffee press.
  3. Pump to agitate and froth the mixture. Pour into a chilled Nick & Nora glass.


Recipe by Jonothan Carr, The Gidley.