The rise of the Rum Old Fashioned

The Rum Old Fashioned has been gaining ground in recent years, as more and more expressions of aged rum are released to market.

Amaro and Aperol star in this Paper Plane cocktail

The Paper Plane cocktail has been called a modern classic cocktail by New York drinks writer Robert Simonson, appearing in bars around the world.

The Old Cuban cocktail is neither old, nor Cuban (but it is delicious)

The Old Cuban cocktail is neither Cuban nor that old, but rather a fancy, dressed up take on the Mojito by Audrey Saunders.

Wickerman: this bourbon stir down is about the beeswax

Bourbon whiskey and sweet flavours — they make for a heavenly match, like they do in this recipe from Sydney bar Old Mate's Place.

A Gin Sour with a blackberry twist: the Bramble Cocktail

The Bramble cocktail is a gin and creme de mure concoction — and a modern classic — that comes from London’s legendary bartender, Dick Bradsell.

This recipe is a tall glass of good times (with a little glitter thrown in)

The drinks at Lover are undeniably fun — this one, for instance, has edible glitter as one of its ingredients.

This no shake Espresso Martini? It takes a little French press

This unique Espresso Martini recipe is batched, diluted and chilled — and offers a frothy head without shaking the drink with ice.

The Gidley’s smoky take on the classic Sazerac recipe

A classic Sazerac recipe is a beautiful thing; this smoked cherry take from The Gidley might just be the perfect nightcap.

Light, refreshing, and textural: Lover’s Guava Seltzer

Light, refreshing, and particularly slurpable, the Guava Seltzer from Lover in Melbourne takes a Vodka Cruiser and makes it fancy.