105 Enmore Road
Enmore, New South Wales


Compiled by Sam Bygrave


What do you need to make a good bar great? The music needs to be right, the lighting just so; some good people to talk to and something good to drink, well, that goes without saying. But the crucial ingredient? It’s the bartenders. And Fortunate Son on Enmore Road in Sydney have got the bartenders you want.
Co-owners and bartenders Jason Crawley and Dylan Howarth are as good as it gets. You want knowledgeable? You got it. You want a well executed drink? You’ve got that too, with some choice banter served on the side. You want a bartender who knows when to step in and jumpstart the conversation (or party), and when to step back? That’s harder to find these days, but it’s something Crawley and Howarth and their team excel at.

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