A Good Thing: a beer at the bar at the Napier Hotel

Fitzroy's Napier Hotel is everything you want in a classic pub: friendly, comforting, familiar — the beer is cold and the food is hearty. And that is very much A Good Thing.

A Good Thing: the Reverse Rob Roy recipe from The Baxter Inn

A spot at the bar at The Baxter Inn, in the early afternoon before full service kicks off? It's very much A Good Thing.

A Good Thing: the Whiskey Apple at Shady Pines Saloon

Sydney's Shady Pines Saloon opened in 2010, and it's them you can thank for this delicious way of drinking whiskey: the Whiskey Apple.

A Good Thing: The Duke of Clarence’s fish finger sandwich

There's just a few bites to each fish finger sandwich at The Duke of Clarence, but it is some of the best drinking food you'll find.

A Good Thing: frosty throwdowns at Old Mate’s Place

It’s said that a hard earned thirst deserves a big cold beer, right? Can we swap the one big cold beer for many small cold beers?

A Good Thing: The joy of a 5pm Martini at Sydney bar Maybe Sammy

It’s no longer the day, and not quite yet the night; it's around 5pm, and that's when a Maybe Sammy Martini is needed.